Blackburn Recovery is one of the longest standing male sober living homes in West Los Angeles. We take an evidence based approach in providing the highest quality of care. Our homes provide a safe and supportive environment where men in all stages of their recovery process can build a foundation around not only their physical sobriety but in all of the fundamental areas of their lives. Our program provides day to day structure and accountability, frequent random drug and alcohol monitoring, full time staff at all of our locations, weekly 12 step meeting attendance requirements and weekly short term goal setting where each resident has support around creating a personal schedule. We believe everyone who’s suffered from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction should have the opportunity to do the necessary work so they can experience real freedom in their lives. Our approach is simple and proven to be effective. We want to help our residents discover what it is they are passionate about and what their true purpose in life is. This process is about so much more than just getting sober. The most valuable thing Blackburn has to offer someone in need is our community. We meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. 


We understand how difficult it can be for a family, trying to help someone you love who’s suffering from active addiction. Blackburn has the ability to connect you with expert level family therapists, family coaches and resources to your closest 12 Step Al-Anon support groups. Weekly updates are sent out with a general overview on progress that’s being made. Our staff is available 24/7 to all of our residents families and loved ones. 


Blackburn believes the foundation built in early recovery is vital to ensure long term sobriety. Our mentoring program is designed to accelerate results. We focus on the development of life skills and provide the accountability needed to become disciplined, self motivate and reach short term bench marks. Education, resume building, career development, job searching, financial independence, physical fitness, healthy relationships and emotional well being are our primary focuses. Our mentors offer once, twice or three in person meetings per week along with daily contact and availability. Watch our Mentoring Video 


The transition out of a sober living is as, if not more, important as the commitment to enter one. Our teams goal is to help each resident develop a plan for the next chapter in their life. Blackburn offers all of our residents transitioning out of our homes support through our aftercare program. Continued drug and alcohol monitoring, weekly check ins and keeping each individual connected to our community, is proven to increase long term overall success. Watch our Monitoring Video 

SPIRITUAL Counseling

Our experience of addiction has convinced us of the miraculous. And while miracles may have once seemed like legends or fairy tales, the transformation that we see in the real lives of everyday people is astounding. Spiritual growth touches the heart, mind and soul of the client and everyone that matters most to them. Whatever religious or non-religious background you may (or may not) have, we are committed that opportunities of grace, mercy and love are available to everyone. 

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